Thursday, 24 December 2009

You've got a friend

There is someone in this world very close to my heart but is slightly lost on her life path at the moment. This girl is a complete and utter gem to me, so precious and fragile. I can't explain my adoration for her in words, this song explains it all. I just hope she realises how truly special she is to me and how much I am there for her no matter what happens.

This girl is like a sister to me, Santa couldn't of brought me a better present!

Remember, I love you lots!

Kirsty xxx

Sunday, 20 December 2009

5 more sleeps until Santa comes!

So excited about Christmas and the fact its snowing! I've been counting down the days since the beginning of the month. No idea why I'm so excited, I guess I just like the family feel of the festive period, the fact everyone is almost always happy and the fact everyone gets lots of exciting gifts to open.

I had planned to do a snow shoot on Saturday but the photographers poor dog had an operation, was poorly and didn't want to leave him. It was only a quick meet and greet anyway, we have planned a whole load of stuff for 2010, really looking forward to working with him.

The above images were taken by the fantastic David Kane aka Joopninja. As I said yesterday, we shot last week in an old tenament building in Glasgow right above Subway (it smelt amazing!) We shot some stuff for a project of mine which will be revealed next year and also some nudes. We also played around with some bodyscapes too, which I really enjoyed. David was such a lovely guy to work with and generally just a nice guy to hang about with, we had a good laugh too.

We only shot for a couple of hours but managed to get some great images, we just seemed to work well together. Got a shoot with him in January at Con's place so looking forward to that, already planned everything out!

I got a bit dirty on the shoot too, David showed me a room with the mechanism to work the old lift in the what did Kirsty do? Take all her clothes off, climb on top of it and rub oil all over me. It took bloody ages to come off but I love the oil images, especially the above one, there's something special about this image.

I feel David is going to go far in 2010, he definitely has the passion and determination and if the above images are anything to go by...I think he should do a lot more nudes.

It's the UKPM Christmas get together tonight in Coatbridge...I was meant to be going but the snow is too bad, wouldn't want to risk getting stuck. From what I've heard so far there are people stuck on the way already and not moved for ages. Maybe it's best I had a little common sense and decided to stay at some, it's not usual I have common sense!

Anyway, I'll go just now, my brother is up for Christmas and him and Craig are watching top gear, saying I'm being anti social on my laptop. Guess I better go and make an effort! Almost only 4 more sleeps to go!!!

Hope Santa is good to you all and you have a fantastic festive period and get everything you wished for!

Love you lots,
Kirsty xxx

Saturday, 19 December 2009

I'm sleepy... just a quick post at the moment, I'll update tomorrow.

Here's a couple of my favourite outtakes of 2009...

Got a little carried away with my drawings! These were taken by the lovely Joopninja aka David Kane - an extremely talented young photographer! We had such a laugh together.
I'll update on the whole shoot tomorrow at some point, I'm just home from a family meal and the panto...need my bed.
Night everyone,
big Christmas kisses

Friday, 11 December 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

On the 11th Dec every year I miss my dad more than anything in the world. Today would've been his birthday. He would've been 51, he never even got to see his 40th.
Sometimes it's so difficult realising he's not here physically. Sometimes after a bad day it would be nice to get a big cuddle from him, just like I used to when I was little, but these days he's not able to fulfil that.

My mum told me earlier on this year that the night she found out about my dads accident, she went out to our balcony and looked up to the sky and asked him to send a sign if he was ok. To this day she still has the single feather that fell from the black sky shortly after.
When my mum told me about this, I was standing in her kitchen, I went to leave and there was a single white feather on the mat at the back door. A sign maybe?
Every now and again I talk to my dad as if he is still here, in spirit, as if he can hear me and is looking over me. I was very much a Daddy's girly when I was little, when he was snatched away from us it was like half of me was missing. To this day I still have an empty feeling in my heart, that will never go away until I am reunited with him on the other side. Each time I have looked up to the sky and asked him if he was there, I have found a feather. Not too long ago I came into work and there was a feather on the mat at the door. I've found feathers in my car, house, everywhere. I'm still waiting on my feather today, I have no doubt it will come.

I know it sounds silly but I still buy him birthday cards. I had one from every year since he passed (1998) but my ex decided to burn them...nice! Anyway, I've started again and I've got them all from 2007, birthday cards, fathers day cards and thinking of you cards. I will need to find an extra special card for him this year, it would've been the last year of us being together until I married Craig..although this would never replace my dad.

I have the above photo beside my bed, every night I look at it and remember the good times. I've got very few photo's of my dad, this is one of the best...only thing that upsets me is that his favourite machine is in the picture, his favourite toy.....the one which took his life 11 years ago.

Glasvegas "How you are my hero, How you're never here though, Remember times when you put me on your shoulders, How I wish it was forever you would hold us"

R.I.P Dad, I love you more than anything in the complete universe. Thank you for constantly looking down on me and giving me strength when I needed it most. I am eternally grateful for all you are doing from up there in the sky. I love you. "Never Is A Long Time"

Your princess,
Thirsty Kirsty xxx

Chin up and standing tall...

Feeling a lot better after everything the other night. Some people in this world are just not worth wasting time over. Enough said.

Anyway, I was thinking about new years resolutions the other day...I've set myself a few as usual but I'm one of these people that can never stick to them. I managed to stick more or less to last years so set harder ones for next year.

I've already managed to reach one of my goals for next year, to work with a cerain photographer. I am visiting him in early January for the weekend and cannot wait to shoot! It was his work that originally inspired me to give modeling a go, and has continued to inspire me on a pretty much daily basis. I know he is a big inspiration in the industry to models and photographers, I am just so thankful I have the opportunity to collaborate with him. Bring on January!

My weight is also on the way down. After being so ill this year I've found it difficult to stay in shape, when you're aching from head to toe it's difficult to want to go out for a run. With the wedding now only six months away I'm working on a new health and fitness plan so hopefully I'll look fab in my wedding dress.

I got a call from the dress shop yesterday, my dress has arrived! So excited about going through to try it on. I only have two weeks to get through though otherwise the designed recalls the dress. Also means I have to pay the remaining £500 of it...just before sucks!

Can't wait until Santa comes though!

Also, thanks to Russel for the above was bloody freezing and I ended up in that water. Call me mental but it was so worth it!

Kirst xxx

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

"I wonder what tomorrow will bring?"

After posting yesterday everything in my life was perfect...give it a few hours and a phonecall or two later and it has taken a huge knock...or more like I have taken a huge knock.

I found out some devastating news last night. I also got told by a very inspirational man last night to stand tall, take what it thrown at me and hold my head up high. He told me I should be very proud of myself right now but I need to stand tall. I completely understand what he is talking about but sometimes it's difficult to stand tall when everyone close to you is knocking you down left, right and centre.

K x

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Wish upon a shooting star

After my crappy day yesterday Craig told me he had a surprise for me...I hate surprises! After dinner we went out in the car, drove for miles and stopped the car down by an old farm, lake and rowing boats. He turned the lights off and we lay on the bonnet with a blanket round us looking at the stars. It couldn't have been any more perfect. We could both feel the cold chilling wind on our cheeks but the warmth coming from each other.

When I was pointing out some stars to him, we both said we'd love to see a shooting star (Craig saw his first a couple of weeks ago and was amazed by it!) A few seconds later we seen a big glistening star shoot across the black velvet sky. It was at that split moment I realised how content I am just now, how happy I am with everything and how being with Craig doing the most random of things takes all my worries away.


I also had an awesome time shooting with Russell over the weekend. On Sat we shot at a little homeless setup we came across in the woods, then in the water (yep, December and I was in the water). On Sunday we shot at a big loch in Perth (yep, there is one!) and some woods doing some more homeless type stuff and some nudes. Again, I decided to take all my clothes off and get into the loch! It was absolutely freezing but so worth it! I had the ideal building lined up which I've wanted to shoot in for ages. Last time I was up it was easy to get into, if you knew how, but when we drove up there on Sunday, it was all boarded up and there was no way in. Was absolutely gutted, think Russell was too. We got some great images out of the time we had together anyway, but I'm more than overdue a trip to Ayrshire to shoot on his home turf.
Bit cheerier today, yesterday was just a bad day. Sorry for the rant guys,
Kirst xxx

Monday, 7 December 2009

One of those days...

Ever feel like everything is getting too much? Ii've got so much pressure on me at the moment, so much is going on/going wrong, daily drama...I don't know how much more I can take.

Spent all afternoon in the solicitors trying to come to an agreement over a "work associate", came home to loads of texts from a friends husband "my car won't start again, can you come round now?" (Been getting pretty much the same text every day for weeks....I'm a beauty therapist, not a mechanic. Craig is...but he is up to his eyeballs in homers...that's what happens when you have a wedding to pay for)...feel like I've let a good friend is going down hill very a nasty cold today...hung around at the salon on my day off (today) for a client to be 45mins late...then the next one to not show at all...then for a person who is due me lots of pennies to not show...hence the solicitors in the afternoon. In between all of this I have done a weeks food shopping, dropped some stuff off for the Daily Record, been to pets @ home, done all the housework, replied to emails for shoots, checked out some images from a shoot last week, went to Perth Engineering to pay for a head gasket for a punto (craig's homer), delivered some Christmas shopping guides to clients, collected an order from a warehouse for the salon.... has been a shit day from the moment I woke up until now...and it doesn't look like it will get any better tonight.

Sorry for the rant...I just look at this image and it makes me feel better. I love it, thanks Mike.

Kirst xxx

Saturday, 5 December 2009

My Date With Russel

My buddy RusselD, his lovely wife Margaret, Craig and I all went for a meal last night. Russel has come up for the weekend to shoot with me and explore many of the ideas we have come up with recently. We discussed them over dinner last night as well as many other things such as weird Christmas gifts, tyres on cars, haunted places, my talented pooch, a few models, some photographers, a homemade washboard and how Russel should now be called Scrooge!
We're shooting this afternoon when I finish work, I'm so excited. It's raining at the moment and looking pretty damn cold but it doesn't mean I'm going to be keeping my clothes on for long! I don't mind suffering from my art.

I told my mum about my nude modeling the other day. She's seen some images which weren't too revealing but not seen a lot of recent stuff. Her reply was "But Kirsty, you have no clothes on!" to which I replied "...and...?" She went a slight shade of red but after looking through all my images she said they were veryh nice. I guess she's just happy I'm doing everything artistically rather than sitting with my legs open, which just isn't my thing at all. I hope she's proud...and I know she's reading this now so "Hi mum! Love you xxx"

I received some more images back from Mike the other day. I really enjoyed this shoot and I love the images. I've got quite a few but not going to blog with all of them just now. As you may have noticed I have a lack of headshots on my profiles, basically as I don't like my face! Anyway, Mike was complaining at me about it so he took this one, it was just a quick snap but I really like it (apart from ym hair being a mess)

Anyway folks, I'll write tomorrow and update you on my shoot with big Rusty and my location hunt to Aberdeen ;)
Love you all