Friday, 23 July 2010

Sleepy time for me..

I'm lying in my bed just now, Craig's watching something rubbish on the tv and I'm super sleepy...well my mind isn't, just my body so thought it would be a perfect time to share another image from John Hewat. This was taken just after our wedding too, at the same beach as the post below.
I felt inspired by the film "Six Days, Seven Nights" and the Destiny's Child song "Survivor". Mixing the two ideas together and bringing the beach into the equation produced this image. I like it because it is so different to my other images. I've been editing a lot of wedding photos recently and like making them feel warm so in contrast I wanted this image to feel cold...hence the blue. I think it works here though.
I'm really getting to grips with using my camera and really enjoying it too. This weekend we have no firm plans so looking to get out and about with my camera and see what I can create. I'm also loving editing images at the moment, I like the whole process from beginning to end, I always feel I have achieved something when I capture an image, process it and look back at it with a smile.
I got some lovely shots (if you an call them that) of the flooding we've had in Perthshire during the week, it was crazy, came and went in 24hours but the following day half of the town was closed due to floods. Our pooch liked it a lot though!
Anyway, it's getting late and I'm getting sleepy,
night readers,
Kirsty xxx

A little post honeymoon edit

Here is a shot from a recent shoot Craig and I had with our good friend John Hewat. We hadn't been back from our honeymoon long but I was missing the beach badly! The beach here wasn't as luxury as the Maldives but it didn't stop us getting this lovely image.
It's actually an outtake, we were giggling about something but I love the fact John captured it. You can see the chemistry between us and can tell how comfortable and natural we feel around each other, I think this is important in an image, especially a shot of a couple.

I have edited the image, with John's permission. I'm constantly playing around with Photoshop trying new techniques etc but I wanted to go for more of an editorial edit with this shot, which influenced where I placed the text.

Anyway, hope you like it, more edits on their way.

Kirst x

Thursday, 15 July 2010

And some thousands to look through...

but I won't bore you with them all! Here's the last lot for you. Enjoy.
Kirst xxx

More photo's of our special day

Each of these images bring back so many memories..I just can't believe the wedding was over a month ago now!
Much love,
K xxx

My gorgeous flowergirl hard at work

Ailie was an absolute star all day and had so much fun copying exactly what I did! Her big brother Aaron was our ring bearer and looked so handsome in his kilt.
I'm so proud at how well the little ones did at the wedding. They stayed almost to the end but when they realised their mum was there to pick them up they both burst into tears which made me cry too!
K x

From Miss Miller to Mrs Lamb

After coming out the church with my handsome hubby, beautiful bridesmaids, gorgeous flowergirl and lovely groomsmen. I couldn't be happier!
K x

Another wedding photo...

Our Wedding

I've had trouble recently uploading images on here. The easiest way to do it is to email them over but only thing is I can only do either 1 or 2 at a time depending on file size. Anyway, it will have to do for just now.

The above image is by Gary aka Gazhilla aka GDHphotography. He was invited to the wedding as a guest but I promised him a few shots for his portfolio and I'm so glad I did. I absolutely love the above shot, it reminds me so much of our most special day and brings a tear to my eye every time. Hoping to get this enlarged to go above our fireplace in our house, it's just beautiful.

Kirsty xxx