Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Here's the first of the images from my recent shoot with John Hewat. I'm taking my time uploading them as John allowed me to edit the best images from our shoot. I always love the images John and I create as they are always shot in a completely comfortable environment and the comfort we have with each other comes across in the images.

When I shoot with John it's always different from the other shoots I do as we usually don't plan anything specific. We usually set a date and time then I go through my mood boards and inspiration books, find outfits and accessories and start thinking some ideas. When I ask John what his ideas are his reply is always the same, "have fun and just go for it". I love this about him.

I'm not overly well at the moment, got a nasty cold and M.E pains are back. It's probably my fault though as we had our stag vs hen day on Saturday with a day of inflatable challenges such as the gladiator joust, inflatable boxing, inflatable twister, the bungee run etc followed by a night of partying and silly games including the most competitive game of musical chairs I've ever played in my life. We were scoring the whole day the the girls ended up winning 16-14. The boys were not happy at all, especially when the losing team had to supply drinks to the girls ;) Wedding only three weeks and 3 days away now!

Anyway, I'm off to edit a little more and try and create something a little different. Will update mega soon,

Love Kirst xxx

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

G'day Mate

I have no idea why but the above image reminds me of an Australian person...think it may be the hat?! It was shot by the lovely ABZphoto at an abandonned farm I came across on my travels. We shot for a good few hours on Monday afternoon and had great fun exploring every corner of this was huge and included a farm house (which still had a working phone!) and probably about 8 barns with upstairs and some big sheds.

I was utilizing the farm theme in this one again, I've got a thing about checked shirts at the moment...we were going for a more casual look to these and I think we captured it pretty well...apart from me being blinded by Graham's new flash!

It's now only a few weeks until the wedding and stress is getting on top of me as usual and making my nasty M.E flare up again, yuck! I took a little time away from shooting last month to recharge my batteries and ride out the calm before the storm as I'm shooting lots from now until the wedding. I'm loving every minute of it though and having a great time working with so many talented individuals and creating something unique.

I had a great catch up/shoot with John Hewat on Friday evening too, at his home studio. We played around for hours with wigs, ivy and lots of other props. John got his lighting rather spot on and we created some lovely dark images, waiting on some coming through just now but will hopefully be going home to a little CD through the door. Update to come soon.

** Must remember to phone about buttonholes for the men for the wedding **

I'm also shooting again on Thursday with Terry who's coming up from South Yorkshire...we have a few different ideas for our shoot so looking forward to that. I'm also traveling a little further afield (for a weekday shoot) and heading up past Aberdeen on Monday to shoot on location up there. As much as the wedding stress is getting on top of me and I turn into bridezilla a little every now and again, I find modeling is a great excape from the stress, it lets me be free and I can honestly say it's the only time I never think about anything, it's just a shame my health is so up and down just now otherwise I'd be shooting lots more. I have to be sensible and put my health first though.
(^^ Craig showing off his modeling skills!)

Hoping to update again tonight,

Kirsty xxx