Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Derelict Farm and 3 storey farm house

I found the most amazing location in Perth the other day....a huge derelict farm which has barns, wooden floors, stone walls, upstairs bits and a courtyard and a three storey farm house which is very dark on the first two floors but very light on the top floor. There are lots of rooms, fireplaces, interesting windows and doorways, wallpaper peeling off the walls, a stone staircase and interesting wooden floors.

Got a few shoots booked in this secret location over the next few could probably do about 6 shoots there, each one being completely different....the place is HUGE!

So just a thank you to everyone who got in touch about this location, I'm super excited to shoot there and writing down ideas for shoots as I type.

Keep an eye on my blog for the images from the shoots, first one is taking place on Sunday. Really looking forward to it!

Love and hugs,
K x

Saturday, 22 August 2009

My Inspirations

Just thought I'd post on here my four main inspirations, every single one being super dooper special to me. Without these four, I'd be lost.

Firstly, my beautiful mummy (and an ugly me). Everyday I strive to make her happy and make her proud. She has gone through far too much in her years, now it's time for someone else to take the reins.

I love my mum more than anything in the whole wide world...she is my complete and utter universe.

Ha ha I look so silly in this picture!

Next up is my daddy. He sadly passed when I was only 10 years old, I miss him more and more every single day. I was super close with him when I wwas little which made losing him so much more difficult. Every day I look up at the sky and know he is looking down at me, he is now my guardian angel.

These words always remind me of him:

"When I'm gone, just carry on, don't mourn, rejoice, everytime you hear the sound of my voice, just know that I'm looking down on you smiling and I didn't feel a thing, so baby don't feel no pain, just smile back."

Up next is my hubby-to-be Craig. He is my soulmate. We have known eachother for around 10years and are getting married in June. I love this guy to bits, he is so understanding, especially with my modeling and is always there for a cuddle when I need one. He completes me (and makes me laugh like a geek in pictures!)

Some photographers have had the pleasure of meeting the hubby....he's always handy to chauffeur me about!

Finally, my little poochy pants Cody. No matter how hard and rubbish your day has been he's always the first to greet you when you walk in the door with a big slobbery kiss. He is the one who cuddles you without saying a word, licks away your tears, can tell how you're feeling just by looking at you.....the one who steals your clothes when you're in the shower, sneaks under your bedcovers when you're not looking...and sticks his tongue in your wine glass! Yummy!

Without all the above...I wouldn't be me. I love you guys!

K x

Little Tour of England

Since I advanced into nude work I have been getting a lot of offers from photographers down south so I've decided to go on a little tour.
I've got some time off in October so going to be leaving Perth after a shoot on Sunday 11th October, around lunchtime.

Travel plans are as follows:

Sun 11th pm - travel to Lake District
Mon 12th am - shoot in Kendal with Lifescapes
Mon 12th pm - travel to Preston
Tues 13th am - shooting in Preston/Greater Manchester area
Tues 13th pm - shooting in Preston/Greater Manchester area
Wed 14th -
Thur 15th -Birmingham area (tbc)
Fri 16th -
Sat 17th -
Sun 18th -

If you'd like to shoot with me, please get it touch via my purestorm page, UKPM or net-model (all kirsty269 alias)

Locations are pretty much on a first come first served basis. I'm not fussed where I travel to as I'll have the car - anything within reason is suitable.

Happy to shoot anything up to and including nude....just let me know and we'll get something arranged. Looking to take on mostly paid/part paid work as I'll have to cover my travel and accomodation but selected TF* work will be available.

I also have LOADS, and I mean LOADS of ideas for nude little head is bursting with them so hit me with a challenge and watch me while I succeed.

Lots of Love,
K x

Graham aka ABZphoto

Graham contacted me for a shoot a while ago and we finally managed to fit it in last week. He told me he didn't have any experience of art nude on location but I think he done pretty damn well.

The location we were meant to be using had been partly that was a no no. Last minute I found the perfect location...and a hole in the fence to get to it.

I met Graham at the train station then headed to the location. After a short walk we found the most amazing building with huge potential and an old railway track. I had a fab time with Graham and feel I made a good friend. He had loads of ideas and encouraged me with mine which included swinging on chains and being a runaway bride!

Can't wait until we shoot again.


Iain and I shot the other week at Camperdown was just a quick fashion shoot as time was once again not on my side.

We had a good laugh and Iain got a chance to learn how to shoot different poses. Got some of the results through the other day. I quite like them actually, I think it's just because the morning was so simple and completely relaxed. We had a good talk too....(probably as I never shut up!)
I really like the reflection in the last. There are a few good ones from this series but I like this one best. It's so peaceful.

Advancing to nude work

Now this is what I enjoy most of all!
Way back in June I was doing the moonwalk in Edinburgh (26.2mile powerwalk) for breast cancer. At about 18miles I spotted the most gorgeous beach. It was about 4am and the sun was coming up, creating lots of lovely shadows in the sand and water. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to do nude work. The location was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. I thought it would look great for a shoot, but something made me think it wouldn't work for a fashion/swimwear had to be nude. Not had a chance to shoot there yet...
From that moment on I wanted to persue my long time ambition - as a nude model.

I've done a fair few nude shoots now, I will talk you through some of the best and some of my favourite images. Some are not on here yet as I'm still waiting on getting some back, but I will pop them on when I get the chance.

Robert Purdie
Rob and I have shot twice, once at a studio and one on location at Glen Coe. It was his first time shooting art nude and my first time doing it on location so was a learning curve for us both. Still awaiting edited images so I will post them when I get them.
Rob was a gem to work with and I would recommend him. He also took a liking to my little pooch who joined us on our second shoot.

Simon Hayhow aka SJH
Si and I shot at a lovely location which I'm keeping secret as I loved it so much! It included caves, lots of interesting rock formations, a waterfront, old had the works. We could've spent all day there but time and weather was against was freezing and pouring...I loved it! Will definitely be dragging Si back there soon!
At this point Si didn't have much experience at art nude work so again it was a learning curve. He was great at giving direction though and also let me do my own thing....which included nude rock climbing!
I also managed to fall flat on my face in a puddle as we walked over VERY slippery rocks to the usual I did not have the appropriate shoes on....for future reference pumps and seaweed DO NOT go well together.
We also almost got crashed into by a HUGE much fun!
Here are some of the results, I love the natural light in the first.

Robin Frowley
Rob and I shot in July (I think) 2009 at his studio in Edinburgh. He is one of the nicest guys I've met in a long time, so genuine and made me feel completely at ease. I pretty much forgot I was running around nude...

Rob had a clear idea of what he wanted and I let him know my ideas too. We spoke about poses, what looks good, what doesn't and got to work.

I had a very bad dose of tonsilitis so Rob was a little star making sure I always had a big mug of ice cold water.

It was a very relaxed and fun atmosphere and I think we got to know eachother pretty well. We got talking about my work, the work he had done, models we love, photographers we admire, weddings, baby photography and how he thinks all babies look the same. Had a real good laugh with him and left feeling so proud, this is one of my best shoots to date. I couldn't stop going on about it the whole journey home and can't wait until our next shoot.

The results:

Thank you for these Rob!

Must go, I'm at work and really should be working!

K x

Friday, 21 August 2009

My Modeling Journey

Since I have just started this blog I am going to back track a little and discuss some of my favourite shoots, what I learned along the way and show you some of my earlier work.

Robert Simpson aka Keltphoto
One of my first shoots was with a lovely man called Bob. We shot on location at Huntingtower Castle in Perth, my first location shoot. Arrangements had been made and permission was granted for us to shoot there but when we turned up on the day the lady didn't recall anything about there we were, shooting in a tourist attraction with tourists milling about and children running around dressed in capes and cloaks!

It was a relaxed shoot, a lovely atmosphere and a good laugh with Bob! Made a good friend and we have kept in touch since, with a couple more shoots along the way.

Some of the results from the day:

I never used to like this headshot but it's growing on me. Back in the day I was really proud of these pictures, I thought I'd done well for a first shoot :)
Donald Parsons aka Donscott
Donald and I shot back in 2007 in Contrast in Glasgow. I had a right giggle with him, he's such a funny little chappy! Again, the atmosphere was very relaxed, we just basically messed around all afternoon. The images were to build my portfolio a bit and include ideas Donald had. He helped me a lot with posing techniques and I still remember some of his pointers to this day. My favourite memory of him is when he showed me what he wanted me to pose like, seeing a photographer being a model for a few minutes made me giggle for ages!

Not got many of these old images on my laptop but here's a couple, including my Contrast goth chair photo...I think every model has one of these...

Colin McLatchie
Colin and I shot in a studio in Paisley for a couple of hours in 2007 I think it was. He was testing out some new equipment so pretty much let me do my own thing. I have a couple of favourites from the shoot but one in particular. It reminds me of Inspector Morse...although I'm not exactly sure who he was....maybe I mean Inspector Gadget...?

I know the lighting isn't great in this, not sure why I like it...I just do. No idea why it reminds me of an Inspector....maybe it's the jacket?!

Robert Simpson #2

In amongst all these other shoots (a few which I've not discussed here), I shot again with Bob. This time I dragged my hubby-to-be in for a couple of Calvin Klein inspired images. Again, I don't have the best ones on my laptop but here is a couple. After these we sprayed ourselves with some baby oil then water for some more intense images....but these are on my other computer.

I never can keep a straight face when he says he doesn't enjoy modeling...!

Dave Hunt aka Highlander
Dave and I shot together in Glasgow on location, outside Celtic Park, for an online clothing company. I would post the images on here but they are very cheesy...not the sort of work I usually do. Dave was a fab guy to work with and I hope to work with him again in the not too distant future.

John Baikie aka Captiv8

John and I have become very good friends since our first shoot together and have planned another, we have lots of ideas....our next shoot will be very interesting if I can grab him for a few hours! I love John to bits, I have admired his work for a very long time and feel priviledged to have shot with him.

I am proud of the work I have done with him, we even got published from our first shoot. Here are some of the results...we were going for a "cinderella in her attic" type of look...
Anyway, that's all for now. I'll talk you through my recent modeling journey in the next post. Hope you don't get bored reading all this because I'm having a great time reminiscing.
Love K x

First Post

Hi Guys!

I'm guessing you already know who I am if you're looking at this but I'll introduce myself anyway and tell you a bit about me...

...I'm Kirsty, I stay in Perth, I'm 21 (my birthday is next month), I run a beauty salon and model part time, I love being busy and I love a challenge, I have a hubby-to-be who is my world, I have a little pooch - a border collie puppy called Cody (he loves modeling too), I have just bought my first property, erm....., I talk....alot, I love my family, I miss my daddy more than anything in the world...he passed when I was 10 :( , I recently got diagnosed with M.E so some days I feel yucky.....doesn't stop me though, I love cheese toasties, I try to cuddle at least one person I love every day, I am an emotional person, I love to smile and laugh and I love my memories....they are the most precious things in the world.

Anyway, this blog is for my modeling. I set it up so everyone can keep track of what I'm doing, where I'm doing it and my progress.

I've been modeling on and off since 2007 but really concentrated on it and done so much more since the beginning of 2009. I am still learning but I feel I am progressing every shoot I take on.

I recently broadened my horizons to nude work and I absolutely love it! I feel more comfortable with my clothes off....

Anyway, I'll leave it there just now and post some images etc up later.

K x