Thursday, 25 February 2010

Feeling Blue

Not sure what it is...the weather, stressful times planning a wedding, the modeling industry, work at the salon, relocating the salon, M.E flaring up again, fallout with the other half...not sure, but I'm feeling pretty blue today.

Is that the right saying? Feeling blue? It sounded right saying it but not sure it looks right after typing it..anyway, I'm having a down day. Everyone gets them every now and again - today in mine. I refused to climb out of bed this morning and curled up under the covers for an extra hour in tears this morning, sometimes everything just gets a little too much and you need a release.

One thing that cheered me up yesterday was seeing KatyT posted a comment on my blog, it's lovely to know someone so inspirational to me is taking her time to read about ME. Unbelievable.

The above image is one from JohnH. Our latest shoot was basically just the two of us playing around for a few hours and seeing what we can come up with. I really like this shot, it captures how I'm feeling today very well. Thanks John.

It's also snowing again up here in Scotland, it's very wet though and I have cold feet...I hate having cold feet. Grrr I'm in such a rubbish mood today, sorry guys.

Here's to a cheerier post next time,
Kirst xxx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Will you be my valentine?

I always love Valentines Day, as much as it's a totally commericalised occasion it's still nice to receive a card telling you how much someone loves you.

I was woken on Sunday morning by Craig with a big box of yummy chocolates and a card. He also said he had a surprise for me in the afternoon. After swapping cards and sitting on the couch in my PJ's watching Hollyoaks Craig told me to go and get ready because we had to leave the house.
I waas super intrigued but went and had a shower, done my hair, made my self look super gorgeous for him and put on a new day dress I got a while back. We got in the car and hit the road. It was raining when we left but Craig kept driving until we were out of the rain and into the sunshine. We ended up way up North on a little stoney beach by a loch with a picnic basket full of yummy treats and a big blanket to put round us to keep us warm. As soon as we got there the dog jumped out the boot and was straight in the water splashing about as Craig and I sat and cuddled on the beach. It was so romantic, so peaceful and so calm we just forgot everything and spent the afternoon sharing stories and talking about our wishes for our future together. It's moments like this I realise why I'm marrying him in 4 months time.

The above image is by Simon James Hayhow, we shot at Contrast last week. It was only Simon's second studio shoot so I helped out a little with the lighting, well tried to. I really like the above image, it's something different for me and I got to wear the new shirt I bought while I was in Glasgow. I've got a few more lovely images from this shoot, just waiting on them being edited. Simon done really well in the studio and should be proud of the images he created, his confidence is really growing and it's nice to be in the company of someone as they blossom.

I shot with JohnH at Contrast too, just awaiting some edits to post so keep an eye out for them,

Kirsty xxx

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Broken Angel

I received some images back from a shoot I done in August last year with the very talented Natasha DiPasquale. The idea for the shoot was to use the angel wings Natasha had then for the last few sets I put my make-up skills to the test to create a "broken angel". I love the above shot, it's my favourite from the shoot. I feel the image tells a thousand stories and sums up a lot of what I've been through in 2009. This last set of the shoot was very quick but I'm proud I managed to show such emotion, particularly in this shot.

Not exactly sure why but these shots remind me of my dad, who is now my guardian angel up there in the sky. They make me think I am trying to spread my angel wings but not quite managing to get to him. I'm super proud of my dad and I know he'll be proud of me (maybe not the fact I'm nude though!)

Natasha let me know when she sent these images over she is going to try to edit out the staps in due course but everything has just been a little hectic with her at the moment. I know the straps aren't to everyone's taste but I quite like them, I think the images might look a little fake without them.

I remember telling the story in a previous post about how a feather appears in my life from time to time. It's always after I have been thinking about my dad. I always look up to him for guidance and many times over the last few years, after I have been looking up to the sky for answers a feather appears in my path somewhere. It first happened the night my dad was snatched away from this cruel world, a single feather fell from the sky in front of my mum. Since then many feathers have made an appearance in my life. The other day when I was at my salon working away I had something playing on my mind and subconsciously asked my dad to send me a sign if I was doing the right thing, as I turned around there was a huge grey feather at my feet.

Thank you dad.

Kirsty xxx