Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Introducing Mrs Lamb

That's it...I'm married now! Our day was absolutey perfect, Craig and I couldn't have asked for anything more. All of our family and closest friends shared out most special day with us and helped make so many memories I will cherish forever.

Usually at weddings there is the odd fallout, someone who drinks too much or someone who decides to cause a scene but none of this happened, everyone had a blast and made our day so special. There are over 1300 photo's of our day I've seen so far and I know there's still more to come, it's insane how many photo's got taken but looking at them all take me back to the day, I wouldn't have it any other way.

After our wedding we left at 6am for the Maldives, I'll do an update on than soon as I've got so many photo's to show you. People told us to expect paradise but it was so much more than that, it was like heaven.

It's taken me a while to get used to my new name, my old sirname is now my middle name as I wanted to keep it in there somewhere but I'm now officially Mrs Kirsty Lamb. I kept saying to everyone I never felt married, never felt like Mrs Lamb but I do now...after getting an Ikea family card with Kirsty Lamb on the front.

Craig and I spent a whole day on Sunday talking about our future and what we'd like to do, where we'd like to stay, family etc etc. I'm usually so organised and plan ahead but with our life together I'm not going to plan, just let things happen the way they want. We know one thing we want to aim for in the next three years though...and I'll be the happiest girl in the world when that happens...but for now it's a secret! ;)

I've also taken a couple of weeks off from shooting to enjoy married life but got a couple of shoots coming up, you can't keep me away for long!

Trying to upload wedding photo's onto here but it just doesn't want to work for me...will try again later.

Lots of love,
Mrs Lamb xxx

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Only four more sleeps until I become Mrs Lamb

That's right folks, four more nights until I get married. I'm so excited but nerves are starting to set in a little, I just hope everything goes well. I can't wait to see everyone on the day though, all dressed up looking pretty...and I'm so so excited about wearing my dress! I had it on again yesterday to see how it fitted and it's perfect!

I've got so much to do at the moment but one thing which has been annoying me for ages is my backlog of images. I've got discs here waiting to be looked at but I'm not getting a chance. Here's another from a shoot with John H a few weeks ago (before the last shoot below) I like this shot a lot, the pose looks awkward and I love that. I enjoyed having messy hair too!

I found this ivy looking thing in John's house, he told me it's Tracey Kane's but she hasn't been back to collect it yet. As soon as I saw it I wanted it to be wrapped round me. There were lots of nice images from this set but I think the above is the best.
Craig also got roped into this shoot too but I'll save those images for another post.

Love you all,
Kirst xxx

Friday, 4 June 2010

The clock is ticking...

It's only 8 more sleeps until Craig and I get married! I can't believe the time has come round so fast! We're just preparing the last few bits and pieces now then it's all down to luck for everything to go right!

I've just done my last shoot before the wedding then I'm taking 4 weeks off, returning around early/mid July. I went out on a great shoot though, Craig and I shot together with John Hewat who is super lovely. It was a totally fun shoot with lots of gorgeous images which are sitting in my queue for editing at the moment (and yes, John said I'm allowed) as well as lots of candids and outtakes. In some outtakes, like the one below, I love as it shows the chemistry between Craig and I. This is the perfect pre-wedding shot, it sums us up perfectly...good looking and never too serious to have fun! ha ha!

I'm also still working on some images from the last time I shot with John, but with the wedding plans it's taking longer than I'd like to get round to editing them. I'm sure I'll have them done soon but I won't be happy until they're perfect!
8 more sleeps! I can't believe it...I wonder if I have 8 naps today it will come round quicker??
Much love,
Kirst xxx

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Here are a couple of images from a recent shoot at the most beautiful abandonned house in Aberdeen. I shot there with Rob a couple of weeks ago and love the images. The location was so inspiring with the most gorgeous wooden detail on the ceilings of the rooms and some stunning rugged stone work on some walls. I think this is the second most inspiring location I've been to, or maybe third...it's definitely on my top five anyway.

Rob and I had fun playing with light and different poses, as well as this one in the window. I've shot similar to this before but I prefer this image, I just love shooting through windows.

Rob also sent me over a contact sheet from our shoot. I've not seen contact sheets very often but it's so helpful to see one, even if you don't receive any of the images, it's just nice to see what worked, what didn't and ways you can improve next time.
I've slowed down a lot of my shooting over the past couple of weeks as the wedding is now only 11 days away and I've got so much to do. It's all the little bits and pieces left now but they seem to take the most time. I've got a shoot tomorrow then that's me until after my honeymoon. I'm taking four weeks off after I get back from the Maldives, I'm totally in need of a rest but after that I'll be shooting lots again and I can't wait. When I'm shooting, particularly when it's art nude, I feel like a free spirit and it's the only time I can completely switch off from the stresses of everyday life. I'm missing my stress relief at the moment but hopefully I'll be able to chill soon. I've got a wedding this Saturday (third in 3 weeks!) then my bridal shower on Sunday and then it's only five more days until the BIG ONE! I'm super excited and no nerves have set in. Let's hope it stays that way!
Will update again soon, got so many images waiting to be showcased.
Much love,
Kirst xxx