Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Do you ever get bored of looking at images of yourself?

I got asked this the other day while shooting. Truth is I don't get bored of looking at awesome images of me (awesome being different/interesting/unique) where you look at the image and go "wow, that's cool". I've done this a few times with my images, firstly with my work with Alex Ingram which I feel is one of my biggest achievements so far in modeling. If this keeps happening when I look at images of myself I'll be a happy girl as I'd be going somewhere - moving forward.

While shooting recently at a studio something struck a chord in my mind. I was happy, the shoot was going well, I was getting on well with the photographer but everything was just 'nice'. The lighting was nice, I looked nice in a nice outfit with a nice smile which made a nice image. Just nice. I don't like looking at 'nice' images of me. I was being directed during the shoot which is something I'm not used to, I'm not used to smiling and making pretty pictures, I'm more about concentrating on my expression while creating interesting shapes with my body with interesting and intriguing shadows or making an outfit stand out in an image while I portray a specific emotion.
When I left the shoot I was feeling a bit down, almost as if I hadn't enjoyed myself. It made me realised for me to fully enjoy a shoot it needs to be inspiring, different, emotive, thought provoking...not just a nice image for my great granny (if she was still alive) to look at and say "that's lovely, stick it on the fireplace"

I guess I'm just re-evaluating everything after the storm I've been through recently. I want to make sure (since my energy can get quite low) that every drop of my energy is used towards something I enjoy whole heartedly.

So I know it's been a long winded explaination but moral of the post is that I think I need to be pushed more, with challenging ideas and inspiring situations. I guess I don't like just being 'nice'.

Since I never like posting without an image here is one from Sstu Hyland from last month. I'm happy with this one - it was wicked working in a different setting, it's been a while since I've shot in a castle! Thanks Stu!

Kirst xxx

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