Thursday, 9 September 2010

I can see the light

The above image was shot by Stephen Philips who I recently worked with on a studio shoot. This was the first time Stephen and I had shot together and I'm pretty pleased with some of the images. From what I've seen so far the above image is my favourite. This was captured during one of the moments Stephen told me to "do my thing". I'm not sure what it is that attracts me to this image...

One thing I do like about the image is that it is very relevant to my life at the moment. In this image there is something in front of me clouding my sight (my hair) but I can see through it slightly and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think the expression on my face is very apt to my situation and one thing I was very keen to do during this shoot is use my feelings from my health news to portray emotion in images. I may as well use sad news as motivation and gain something out of it!

I'm shooting on location on Monday and very much looking forward to it so expect another update pretty soon!

Kirst xxx

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